Valley Propane Gas Corp.

Franz J. Scharman, Pres.

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3502 Route 12-B & 20
Bouckville, NY 13310
(315) 893-7250 for Propane
(315) 893-7552 for Spring Water
(315) 893-7777 Fax

Prompt Professional Service

Consider these advantages:

24 Hour Emergency Call Service
Trained Service Personnel
Regularly Scheduled Deliveries
Budget Payment Plans Available
Appliance Repair Service

Energy Where You Need It --- When You Need It

Propane Gas Service for:

Central Heating Systems Agriculture
Space Heating Construction Heat
Water Heating Commericial
Cooking Camper & Grill refills
Industrial RV & Motor Fuel Filling Station
Fork Lift Cylinders Fireplace Logs

Propane --- The Clean, Efficient and Inexpensive Fuel

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For Delicious Spring Water delivered to your home or work place: Also ask us about Valley Spring Water.

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